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Completed Projects

Caritas Critical Case Management

Psychiatric evaluations case management, telepsych consultations and much more at Caritas Critical Care Management.

Visit https://caritasccm.com/ to learn more.

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce
Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

Reinvigorating the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce's front-end through finesse and WordPress.

Visit https://EdmondsChamber.com to find out more.

Lynnwood Forward
Lynnwood Forward

Helping forward-thinking candidates get elected to the City of Lynnwood's Council in 2019.

Website transferred ownership in 2021.

Project Phases

1. First Contact.

Get in contact and describe your website's goals and time-frame for launch.

2. Project Planning.

Define project scope, deliverables, web hosting and domain options, and developer's compensation for services.

3. Build Time.

Project commences, and clients may view progress via Trello project board until defined deliverables are completed.

4. Project Delivery.

Upon client approval, completed project website is launched, and encouraged to rate satisfaction of overall experience.

Contact Information


Website Design

Choose from either the Joomla or WordPress platforms.

Developer's default theme for Joomla and WordPress is YOOTheme.

Optional: Consultation with developer required for websites built from scratch, or Joomla and WordPress themes that are not offered.

Web Administration

Client websites will receive critical updates to plugins and themes for websites built using the Joomla and WordPress platforms.

Optional: Consultation with developer required for addition of premium and/or paid plugins.


Subdomains: By default, client websites will be denoted with ".sze.website."

Example Subdomain:



Domains: Clients who want a top-level domain denotation (.com, .net) must consult with the developer.

Example Domain:


Domain Transfer: Clients who want to transfer their domain name must consult with the developer.

Hosting & SSL

Client websites will be hosted on Bluehost over the course of website design and development, and receive a complimentary SSL/TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt.

Without SSL/TLS Example:


With SSL/TLS Example: 


Optional: Clients who choose to remain with the web host for any duration must consult with the developer.

Search Engine Optimization

Client websites will have keywords, meta keywords, and focus words to increase visibility on major search engines for basic webpages (Home, About, Contact).

Optional: Extensive SEO for webpages outside of the scope must consult with the developer.




    I may be reached through the following networking accounts.


    *This option is only available to current and previous clients.

    I am always available to contact by phone to provide the current status of a project, and answer any outstanding questions or concerns.

    Video Conferencing*

    *This option is only available to current and previous clients.

    Upon client request, I will be available for video conferencing in order to provide the current status of a project, and answer any outstanding questions or concerns.

    * Only current and previous clients may utilize these contact resources.

    About Me


    Edmonds Community College: 2005-2010, 2017-2018



    Washington State University: 2010-2012



    • Japanese


    • Born in Edmonds, Washington
    • Enjoys technology, video games, and building computer systems
    • Fluent in English, Japanese and Cantonese
    • Hong Kong-style and Japanese Riichi Mahjong aficionado
    • Translated and edited Japanese comics and video games


    Computer Languages
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • JavaScript, jQuery
    • PHP, mySQL
    • C#, ASP.NET
    • bash, crosh, Terminal
    Content Management Systems
    • WordPress 4.9.1 and above
    • Joomla! 3.8.3 and above
    Project Management Software
    • Trello
    Web Development Stacks
    • Learning: MEAN

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